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Why can't I use my free email address when I want to place an order?


E-mail addresses from free e-mail providers such as,, or others are not accepted for online orders placed with credit and/or debit cards. Some e-mail providers (maybe just like yours) do both offer paid services, as well as free services, like Earthlink and several other services.

Though we are aware that some services offer fee-based accounts beside free accounts, we cannot distinguish between free and fee-based.

Due to the high amount of credit card and payment fraud on the internet we cannot accept online orders in conjunction with a free e-mail address, or with an e-mail address of a service providing both free and fee-based e-mail addresses. Others might accept free email, but we decided no longer to do so since the fraud rate was too high.

  • If you only have an e-mail account which our online order system claims to be a free one, or one of those that can both be free or fee-based, please select cash, check or wire transfer as your payment type; your e-mail address is accepted for those payment types.
  • Alternatively, you can place your order via fax for manual processing. However, since online orders are processed automatically, they take less time than fax orders.
  • Another alternative is to pay directly via PayPal - if you would like to do that, please contact us.
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