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What's your return and refund policy?


Totalidea Software - Return and refund policy

  • Unlike physical goods, electronically distributed software and software licenses can be duplicated. Once a license has been issued, it is unfortunately not possible for us to recall all copies. Therefore, Totalidea Software does not accept product returns or exchanges.

  • Under no circumstances we will issue a refund on software where the unlock code has already been sent to the customer. There is no exception from this policy, no matter whether a customer finds that the software is incompatible with his specific software configuration and/or hardware configuration, after receiving an unlocking code, serial number, or a full version installation setup.

  • For a software development company it is simply impossible to test drive a software on every possible hardware and software configuration, especially nowadays where daily updates to operating systems, hotfixes for other third party products are released. That's why we offer trial versions: to ensure system compatibility with the system of a potential customer.

  • Customers are expected to test-drive our software before they decide to buy it! This is in each customer's very own interest to avoid incompatibility issues with a specific computer system. We go to great lengths to produce a trial version with which customers can ensure their satisfaction and system compatibility. This allows our customers to make an informed purchasing decision.

  • There is no refund for service plans, like the 'Registration email backup service', or 'Update protection' extensions, due to the nature of such products.

If you encounter a bug within one of our products, please report it in detail, with steps included that help us to reproduce the issue on our test machines.

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