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I cannot access the Tweak-XP Ram Disc Drive from Windows Explorer


Please read Tweak-XPs helpfile for a couple of possible reasons for this problem. There you'll find some suggestions you may try to fix the issue.

In case your system runs NTFS drives only, the RAM Disc Drive might not work on your machine. Please do this to fix the problem:

When you don't have any FAT device at boot time Windows XP does not load the Fastfat driver.The problem can be solved on by forcing Fastfast to load by changing the following registry entry:


Change the "Start" value from 4 to 1. Exit registry editor and reboot.

If none of the suggested solutions does work for you, it might be that another hardware driver, which is installed on your machine is somehow incompatible with our RAM Disk Drive driver. In that case there's no fix possible.

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