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The "System Service" cannot be started - how can I fix that?


The Tweak-7, Tweak-8 and Tweak-10 System Service is required to be running in order to use the main program. It is responsible for all system tweaks to get activated without having to care about any system restrictions, UAC, etc.

Some other applications, in most of all cases system security related applications like anti virus programs, software firewalls, and similar programs, do interfere with the system service: they either restrict communication between the software and the system service, or they disallow the system service from being started with Windows.

In order to find out what exactly causes the system service not to run on your system, please close down and unload (!) all security related applications - sometimes it is even required to uninstall such applications in order to find the cause for the issue. This includes anti virus applications, software firewalls and similar third party tools.

You may want to try to start the service manually from the services control panel, which can be opened by starting services.msc from the Windows 'Run' command.

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