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The System Information and Memory Management features do not display anything


This problem can have multiple causes:

1.) The WMI system service is either misconfigured or not running on the target machine
2.) Some third party application, mostly some kind of system security related application like a software firewall or some anti virus software, interferes with Tweak-7 / Tweak-8 / Tweak-10 and causes the application to fail to communicate with the operating system.
3.) The .net framework is not properly installed on the target machine.


1.) Check if the WMI system service is properly running. If not, try to re-enable it.
2.) Check potential third party applications that might be able to somehow restrict applications.
3.) Try to re-install the .net framework through the 'Windows components' option of the 'Software' control panel.
4.) Check this Microsoft WMI troubleshooting page

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